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Hardness 6
Color White
Origin -India
Transparency Transparent

In general, the more transparent it is and the more blue its adularescence, the higher the value. Large quantities of near opaque material with various body colors is carved into simple "moon faces" and other figures which are available for pennies. Cabs of translucent material which are either white or with pleasing body color and adularescence are fairly common in the market and command relatively modest prices.

For cat's eyes and the occasional star, expect to pay in proportion to the beauty of eye, size and clarity. In rare instances, the schiller phenomenon is multicolored showing blue, with green and/or orange. Such stones are quite valuable and are known as rainbow moonstone. Unfortunately, a lot of low grade, labradorite feldspar is advertised and sold by that name, (a misnomer,) so most people are surprised by the prices of the real gem grade rainbow stones.

By far the most valuable moonstones are those which are colorless, transparent and have a strong blue sheen. Such stones historically came from Burma. Unfortunately this material is essentially mined out, so most top grade, blue sheen gems available today are being passed from one dealer, or collector, to another and prices are escalating.

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