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Hardness -
Color - Blue with line of red green
Origin -Mexico
Transparency -Opaque

There is a great deal of controversy and speculation over Rainbow Calsilica! Geologists have been denied access to the mine in Mexico where Rainbow Calsilica is found and hence they cannot confirm conclusively whether it is 100% natural or not!! Well so what if mother nature has been given a little nudge, this gemstone is still quite amazing! 

Rainbow Calsilica is apparently mined near Chihuahua in Mexico, the only place in the world where it is found. The supplier of their sample however, says that he imports it directly from Mexico in slabs and his company 'stabilizes' the rock with an epoxy to increase its resiliency. 

So this mysterious and dazzling new stone that we have come to know as Rainbow Calsilica, cannot conclusively be confirmed as being 100% natural, yet it is certainly captivating many peoples attention and is full of energy and excitement, so does it really matter whether it is 100% natural or not?

Rainbow Calsilica remains a fascinating, intriguing and highly sought after gemstone which is both attractive and affordable stone. So until something more conclusive comes about, why not just enjoy it for what it is!

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