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Hardness 6-7
Color distinctive dark-green to black veins
Origin northern Burma
Transparency translucent to opaque

maw sit sit is green with distinctive dark-green to black veins. Maw sit sit is technically a rock rather than a mineral. It is composed of several different minerals, including kosmochlor (also known as ureyite), varying amounts of chromium-enriched jadeite, and albite feldspar.[2] Maw sit sit can have a refractive index ranging from 1.52-1.68,[3][4] and a hardness rating of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Maw sit sit has a specific gravity ranging from 2.45 to 3.15.[3]Clarity found within maw-sit-sit is typically translucent to opaque

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 1. Rough
 2. Cabusions Stone