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Hardness 5.5 – 6
Transparency Transparent

Moldavite is a member of tektite group, the color of Moldavite is mostly deep green though some pieces are pale green or brownish in color. Moldavite is a green glass and have a lacy texture. It is formed when a large meteorite is collided with earth at Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic approx. 14 to 15 million year ago .Farmers often find pieces of Moldavite when plowing the field.

Moldavite energies can activate any chakras and it can be worn as jewellery. It can be cut facetted into a gems and other form. It magnifies the energy of other stone if attached together.


The good grade Moldavite has a distinct fern-like pattern and is much more translucent than the regular grade. High-quality Moldavite stones are often used in hand-crafted jewellry.

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 1. Rough
 2. Cabusions Stone 
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  5. Drops