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Hardness 5 – 7
Color Blue, Blue – Green with White
Origin Dominican Republic & Caribbean Islands
Transparency Translucent

larimar is one of the newest and rarest gem stone . It was formed million of years ago by volcanic activity and occurs now in just one sq. kilometer of a remote mountain range on  the island of Hispaniola in dominican republic. The extra ordinary colour of the stone comes from the unique composition of the minerals including copper and vanadium The name LARIMAR was orginated by Miguel Mendez who named the gem after her daughter ‘LARIssa’ and ‘MAR’,the Spanish word for the sea, together. This is also known as Dolphin stone. LARIMAR is a powerful throat chakra stone. LARIMAR helps women who wear it to awaken the divine feminine within .

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 1. Rough
 2. Cabusions Stone 
 3. Cut Stone
  5. Drops