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Hardness 7
Origin -
Transparency -

Tiger iron is an altered rock composed chiefly of tiger's eye, red jasper and black hematite. The undulating, contrasting bands of colour and luster make for an attractive motif, and it is mainly used for jewelry-making and ornamentation. Tiger iron is a popular ornamental material used in a variety of applications, from beads and cabochons to knife hilts.

Along with tiger's eye it is mined primarily in South Africa and Western Australia. Tiger's eye is primarily composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and the specific gravity ranges from 2.64 -2.71.[1] Formed by the alteration of crocidolite and consists essentially of quartz colored by iron oxide. Origin: South Africa

Notable sources of tiger's eye include the USA, South Africa, Canada, China, Brazil, Namibia, India and Burma.

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 1. Rough
 2. Cabusions Stone 
 3. Cut Stone
  4. Druzy
  5. Drops