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Gaspeite is a relatively rare mineral, found only in a few localities. Its light green, almost apple green color is quite unique and some varieties are almost a neon green. It may contain brownish patches which may give it a distinctive character.

Gaspeite is found around nickel sulfide deposits and is named for the locality of Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada where it was originally found. Sources are Canada and Western Australia. Hardness is 4.5 - 5 on the Mohs scale.

 The Australian material that has been on the market for the last few years, has all come from one location in Western Australia. Near a tiny outback town called Widgiemooltha.

During the course of a nickel mining operation, the gaspeite was unearthed. Being an exceptionally high grade nickel ore, it was stockpiled for later treatment (the gaspeite being mixed in with many thousands of tons of other material).

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